Welcome to Soggy Meadows Farm

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Who We Are

Soggy Meadows Farm is located just outside Hamlin, PA. Established in 2018, we provide quality food products to our local and extended communities. We specialize in natural, humanely raised beef, vegetables grown without glyphosate and pesticides, as well as cage-free, non-GMO, farm fresh eggs. We are a family-run farm, dedicated to providing quality food, raised and grown naturally. If we wouldn't put it on our table, we won't sell it for yours.


Our Farm: Growing for the Future

We started this farm to provide good, clean food to our family. Now, our goal is to provide other families with the same quality food that we give to our children and grandchildren. Contact us to learn more about our goals and missions.




239 Callapoose Rd
Moscow, PA 18444

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